In House

With our in-house recycling systems, we redefine cost effective plastics processing. What was previously regarded as waste material is transformed on-the-spot into new raw material. With refeeding rates of up to 100 %. Technological ingenuity, seamless integration into existing processes and probably the easiest operation in the world speak for themselves.

All of our inhouse recycling systems are equipped with EREMA Counter Current technology. That ensures the highest throughput and increased flexibility regarding materials. And, thanks to ecoSAVE® and a series of other ecological measures, these machines are also masters at saving energy, setting the benchmark for energy efficiency.



High-performance thermoplastic plastics recycling


INTAREMA® T or TE. Two different series that are based on the same compact INTAREMA® recycling system featuring a short single-screw extruder. Including, of course, the INTAREMA® top technologies Counter Current, Smart Start and ecoSAVE®. For more efficiency and productivity in plastics recycling.

INTAREMA® T without extruder degassing: ideal for non-printed edge trim, cutting waste, rolls, loose leftover film and regrind material.

INTAREMA® TE with double degassing: for flexible recycling of slightly printed production and industrial waste and technical plastics.